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Look Inside 1 Giant Octopus

One Giant Octopus

One Giant Octopus explores marine life. Young children will learn to identify 20 different animals that you might find in the ocean. The book includes tips for exploring the seashore and tide pools along with guidelines for handling the creatures you find.”



1 Great Blue Heron

“One Great Blue Heron“, is a beginners guide to bird watching.  It covers 20 different birds of the seashore and wetland.   In addition to learning to identify these birds by sight, kids will discover neat facts about each bird and how they behave.  Hints on being a good birder and how to build a portable bird blind will  give them hands on activities and active learning opportunities .


A is for Alder

” A is for Alder” is an alphabet book of native plants of the Pacific Northwest. It includes 26 plants that were important in the lives of the people of the First Nations. Children will learn how to identify each plant and gain respect for First Nations’ knowledge and use of their natural world.


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