Meet the Illustrator

Jill is on the left, with sister Julie, an inquisitive chicken and our incredibly patient Collie, Lady.

Jill Carter has been making things her whole life. She grew up on a rural farm in Dixonville, a small town in Southern Oregon. She was a visual artist all through school and an avid outdoors person, teaching in outdoor schools in the Portland area as a teenager.

Then she went to The Evergreen State College in Olympia and found a job as a scenic artist in theater. While there she also studied marine biology, entomology and ornithology. She  combined her passion for the natural world with her new interest in theater and began making masks of bug faces and paintings of birds.


She soon became completly emersed in the collaborative environment of theater, and spent the next 25 years working primarily in technical theater design and management. Recently she shifted her focus to a graphic design carreer and exploring her passion for illustrating children’s books and designing interactive websites. She has her own freelance business, Jill Carter Design,  doing illustrating, graphic and web design and is still working in theater from time to time, designing for Olympia Family Theater and Ballet Northwest.

Jill Carter on her sailboat Harmony, in Budd Bay.

Her favorite place to do illustrating is on her sailboat. The abundant light, fresh sea air and a nice breeze does wonders for the creative spirit!

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