Bird “Watching” with your ears.

Bird watching is a lot of fun.  You can learn to “see with your ears” and find even more birds.

Stand very still and close your eyes.  Open your ears and listen very carefully.  Try to count the different bird sounds you hear.  Move your head slowly from side to side.  Do some of the sounds get louder? Open your eyes and see if you can find the birds you heard.

Spotted Towhee sings while hidden in the tree. Photo by James Titus.

Some birds like to be seen when they sing.  They will sing from the top of a tree or telephone pole.  Robins and Eagles do this.  Some birds sing when they are hidden.  Warblers and Wrens do this.  Sometimes it is really hard to see them.  All you can see is the bush. Not the bird.  It seems like the bushes are singing!

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