“Young children are kind of like polliwogs coming out of the water for the first time. Every thing is new, so many things to learn about.”

Laughing Two Owls Publishing LLC has developed Polliwog’s Guides to the Natural World  to help you introduce your young child to the delights of being outdoors.  Each of these field guides for the really beginning beginner helps answer many of the questions children ask when they are exploring their world.  We hope your family will find them useful and fun.

Laughing Two Owls Publishing LLC truly believes that caring for our children includes caring about the future of our planet.  Our profits, after taxes and taking care of those who work with us, will be dedicated to cultural and environmental preservation.



Families exploring nature together can be an important developmental experience for both children and parents. Polliwog’s Guides to the Natural World are intended for nature loving families that wish to identify the animals and plants around them, while maintaining the safety of their children and protecting the habitats that they explore.  While exploring with  Polliwog’s Guides to the Natural World, families will learn about individual animals, as well as their natural habitats and behaviors.  Polliwog’s Guides to the Natural World also provide helpful tips about how to interact with the natural world and the animals that your family finds there.  Activities such as how to build a bird blind, how to safely and carefully handle animals and how to identify the more dangerous and poisonous aspects of nature are included in Polliwog’s Guides to the Natural World.  Families who explore nature using the tips and identifying information found within Polliwog’s Guides will have a deeper and more enjoyable understanding of the animals and the natural world around them.

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